VITRON – Your Specialist for Glass Ceramics

VITRONIT® Machinable Glass Ceramic


VITRONIT® is a white, non-porous and not degassing mica glass ceramic for technical applications. You can use conventional tools to machine our VITRONIT® material very precisely into complicated shapes at an attractive price. No post-firing is required after the machining stage.
This material combines the excellent properties of ceramics with the exquisite machinability of metals and offers you individual manufacturing and application options adapted to your individual requirements.

VITRONIT® is composed of:

  • SiO2; Al2O3; MgO; K2O; Na2O; F
  • ca. 60 % mica crystal phase
  • ca. 40 % glassy matrix

With VITRONIT®, you have a first-class ceramic engineering material at your disposal with which you can accomplish many of your tasks.