VITRON – Your Material Specialist


In 1991, the VITRON Spezialwerkstoffe GmbH was founded, a management buy-out (MBO) of the Jenaer Glaswerk. Its founders were responsible for the development of IR optical materials in the research area of the Jenaer Glaswerk. All in all, they have 60 man-years of experience with the development and production of optical glasses. Originally, the new company was founded as a TOU (technologically oriented company). In its first years, it dealt predominantly with research and development work. As it was clear that the continuity of the enterprise would be decided in the market, the company started immediately with marketing activities and with the production, mainly of machinable glass ceramic. In the mid 1990s, the VITRON GmbH changed from a research oriented company to a production oriented one, with a strong presence in research and development. None of the scientists who left VITRON was released into unemployment. In 2000, the rented premises on the area of the SCHOTT JENA glass products manufacturer became too small, and the production capacities could not be extended.
Therefore, in January 2002, we moved into our new own production and administration building in the Jena-Maua business park. This became the basis for a rapid development.