VITRON – Your Specialist for Special Glass Melts

Special Glass Melts


Thanks to our ample know-how in glass melting, we can offer you molten glasses which are perfectly adapted to your individual requirements. We advise you on the right glass composition and the fusibility of your own glass formulas, and we manufacture 250 ml sized molten glass prototypes for you.

For our production, we have platinum induction and silit rod furnaces at our disposition. We produce glasses in volumes ranging from a few kg to about 5.000 kg.

For instance, our current production programme includes glasses for the dentistry with a high F content (ionomer glasses)

  • ion exchange glasses for GRIN lenses
  • highly doped rare earth glasses (more than 50 %)
  • glasses for anodic bonding at room temperature

Take ADVANTAGE of our longstanding experience with glass melting technologies.