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CVD Zinc Sulfide


Zinc sulfide produced in a chemical vapor deposition process (CVD) is a cost-effective alternative for IR windows, lenses, domes and IR optical components. VITRON's CVD zinc sulfide is not hygroscopic and resistant to highly reactive atmospheric gases.
This ultrapure and dense material has a high fracture strength and is easy to machine with both classic and single-point diamond machining technologies.
CVD zinc sulfide is particularly suited for the 8 - 12 µm spectral range.

CLEARGRADE is obtained by aftertreatment of the CVD zinc sulfide via hot isostatic pressing (HIP). This leads to a rearrangement of the crystal structure and cleans the material, which considerably improves the transmittance in the visible spectral range. CLEARGRADE is transparent in the wavelength range of 0.4 to 12 µm. CLEARGRADE can be used for broadband applications. CLEARGRADE can also be processed into IR optical elements using both classic and single-point diamond machining technologies.