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Infrared Transmissive Chalcogenide Glasses


Chalcogenide glasses have an excellent transmittance and a low thermal change in refractive index and dispersion. This makes it easier for you to design color corrected, infrared optical systems without thermal defocusing in the 1-14 µm spectrum. Our glasses are also ideal for applications in combination with other IR materials.

Classic or single-grained diamond processing as well as final pressing enable you to use these IR glasses as windows, IR optical lenses with spherically and/or aspherically shaped surfaces, prisms and other optical components.

We produce 5 different kinds of chalcogenide glasses for you.

IG 2
IG 3
IG 4
IG 5
IG 6

Download VITRON Chalcogenide Glass Data for your optical design program (right-click to save):